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Reliance Foundries (Pty) Ltd.

Botswana Processing of Iron & Steel
Melting, Forging, Die Making, Mould Making, Roll Pass Design and Roll Making, Pattern Making, Turning, CNC Milling, CNC Drilling, CNC Turning, Sheet Metal, Sheet Cutting, Bending, Welding, Galvanizing

Manufacturers of Castings, Forgings, Fabrications and Re-Rolled Flat Steel Products.

Foundry at Ramotswa

In theory, foundry at Ramotswa and Palapye are the same. Metal is melted in Palapye by using Coke as fuel in a Cupola Furnace, whereas in Ramotswa it is melted in an Electric Induction Furnace. Cast Iron melts at a temperature of 1050 degree Celsius and Steel melts at a temperature of 1600 degrees Celsius.

Steel Re-Rolling Mills

rocess of re-rolling of steel in a re-rolling mill is to produce various types of flat rolled products such as round bars, flat irons, angle irons, channels, I beams, Tee iron and various window sections, fencing standards and droppers.

Foundry at Palapye

Set up in 1987, Cast Iron scrap is melted at 1050 degree Celsius in a Cupola Furnace. Fuel used is hard coke. Main Cast Iron items manufactured are man hole covers, railway brake shoes and cast iron three legged cooking pots. Cast Iron contains carbon between 3.5 to 4.5 percentages. When we melt scrap with hard coke, molten metal picks up the carbon from coke.

Reliance Foundries (Pty) Ltd.

About Us

Reliance Foundries (Pty) Ltd was established by Mr. Subhash Kapur, in the year 1987. Mr. Kapur was attending a trade fair, when he decided to set up industry in Botswana.

Established The first foundry in Palapye, a small town, about 270 Km from capital Gaborone. The foundry uses cupola furnaces which melts cast iron scrap at a temperature of 1250 degrees Celsius, making various different types of manhole covers and frames.
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Our Skills x

1. Foundry at Palapye

2.Foundry at Ramotswa (Plot 123 / 124)

3. Forging & Fabrication (Plot 125)

Special Projects

4. Ingot Casting Unit (Plot 125)

5. Steel Re-Rolling Mills (Plot 126)

6. CNC Centre / Pattern Making

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Reliance Founderies (Pty) Ltd.